Dean Village

Dean Village, Water of Leith

A walking tour of Dean Village is a little like stepping back in time. It has a surprisingly tranquil, country village feel, far removed from the traffic and noise of modern Edinburgh, although it’s located very close to the New Town.  Dean Village is an historic village situated on the Water of Leith and was once the location of many flour mills, whose millers supplied flour and bread to the city from the 12th century.  The village was once a thriving centre with its own distillery and local tanneries too.  Before the Dean Bridge was built in 1832 spanning the deep ravine, the steep lane down to the village and across the Water of Leith was the only way for travellers to journey.  At the heart of the village stands the red sandstone buildings of Well Court, designed as model, affordable housing for weavers and commissioned by the owner of the ‘Scotsman’ newspaper John Ritchie Finlay, a philanthropist and benefactor to the city.

A walking tour of the Dean Village can also be combined with a tour of Edinburgh’s New Town.