New Town

The New Town

Although called the New Town, this area of Edinburgh is actually just over 250 years old, built to a plan by a young architect called James Craig.  This part of Edinburgh offered everything that the Old Town could not for her more wealthy citizens, reflecting the 18th century Enlightenment, a time when science and philosophy flourished.  The classical Georgian architecture of the New Town gave the elite of the city grand, bright, spacious mansions with large windows and high ceilings, a sharp contrast to the cramped, dark, squalid and unsanitary conditions they left behind in the Old Town on the ridge.

Let me take you o a walk along some of the elegant streets, squares and gardens to see the impressive buildings that are still here and hear more about the history of Edinburgh and the stories of some of its more wealthy, powerful and famous inhabitants.  Even in the New Town there are still lesser-known atmospheric corners and streets tucked away.  During our walk we’ll step inside some of the buildings to see surprisingly impressive and beautiful interiors that dazzle and delight – all of which are free to enter.