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I can’t recommend Elspeth enough. She’s a true Scottish treasure and I am looking forward to her next tour! She opened our eyes to the many layers of hidden history within the beautiful city of Edinburgh and we didn’t want each day to end. There’s so much to see in and around Edinburgh that each tour is different yet equally as captivating as the last.

L Venables, Intrepid English

Elspeth delighted us all with incredible stories of royalty, criminals, architecture, battles, scandals, fortunes won and lost, murder and marriages! Some terrifying, some hilarious; all of them fascinating.


Elspeth’s stories were so interesting and funny and I experienced for the first time in my life how enjoyable sightseeing can be. It was very easy to follow Elspeth and I really liked her knowledge and charisma. She had the perfect mix of information and stories about people’s lives that we found interesting.

Olga K (Russia)